Learn Your Smart TV & how to record programs

If you haven’t bought a TV in the last three-to-five years, you might not have realized how much technology has advanced. More often than not, now, new TVs are “smart”. Just how smart is your smart TV? These high-end TV's are supposed to combine the best parts of your computer & your TV. 

In addition to being able to stream movies/tv shows you can also learn to program your smart or dumb TV ("DVR") to schedule a recording of a particular show and/or record your favorite series. This way you can also skip the commercials & not have to be sitting in front of your TV at the exact moment your favorite show is on. 

Smart TVs:

  • allow you to stream (watch) TV from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Hulu directly on your TV without buying a separate device

  • allow you to browse the internet on your TV screen

  • allow you to play games

  • provide apps & channels for you to enjoy many other things

In some cases, it’s more beneficial to keep your old (dumb) TV and buy a small, relatively inexpensive device that comes with 'smart' features & you can continue to use your perfectly fine TV. Try the Roku Streaming StickApple TV or the Amazon Fire Stick.

Good to know about

SONOS SOUND BAR BEAM  great surround sound
THE FLIPPER REMOTE  color coded buttons