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In order to download something to watch you need to have a wifi connection. This is why people download what they want to watch on a trip, for example, while they're still at home with a wifi connection. Once you get on a plane you probably won't have a wifi connection to download other shows/movies at that moment. Lesson: Be prepared. Once you're at your next location there should be wifi service (hotels, etc.) & then you can download more shows/movies to watch later.

In addition, learning how to delete this content is important so it doesn't take up too much space on your devices (tablets, phones, etc.). When traveling, for example, it's good to delete a movie/show once you've watched it, so there will be more space for you to download other things to watch. Your device (phone or tablet) has a certain amount of storage space, so if you plan to download a lot of content in general, you're probably better off spending a little more money up-front & buying the device with the most storage capability.

most popular streaming services

NETFLIX  monthly service for tv/movies
HULU  monthly service for tv/movies
AMAZON PRIME VIDEO  monthly service for tv/movies
SLING TV  no useless channels or long-term contracts
ITUNES  buy movies/tv individual episodes or entire series
YOUTUBE TV   cable-free live tv from 60 networks
PHILO  if you don't need sports
ACORN TV  stream world class TV from Britain & beyond
WALTER PRESENTS  discover the best drama series from around the world

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