Professional Organizer

Do you want to get organized
but don't know where to begin?

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What is a
Professional Organizer?

You hire professionals for other areas of your life to help you get the job done - trainers and nutritionists for your health, lawyers, financial advisors, realtors, designers, accountants, and more. We can help you get the rest in order, in person or remotely, whatever works best for your lifestyle.


Can't figure out Facebook?
Struggling with technology?
It's okay. We're here
for you.

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We teach “technologically challenged” adults & seniors social media & tech basics. Our service is designed for those who prefer to learn one-on-one rather than to learn in a group. 

Learn the skills necessary to navigate the internet without stress, confusion or fear so that you can express yourself creatively, communicate with family and friends, or just “surf the ‘net.”  YOU choose what you want to learn. 

What are people saying?

Jane does the best job with keeping my life organized. She helped me organize the renovation of my apartment, as I am always working and didn’t have time to deal with contractors. I left everything up to her and it all worked out really well. Because of her real estate background she was able to also help me navigate my co-op board requirements flawlessly and stress-free. Jane is the “go-to” girl!
— Traci Wallack, Valassis Digital, New York, NY, December, 2018
I’ve known Jane Kronick since High School and that’s a long time. We got together recently and she spent some time helping me learn a few specific things I wanted to learn to do on my iphone. We wrote everything down so I could have it in front of me when I got home. It was amazing. If I lived in the city I would 100% hire her for private coaching. Thanks old friend.
— Patricia Theodorapoulous, Irvington, NY, August 2018
Jane conducted research for me for a very specific product that I needed when doing raw bar events for my oysters. I didn’t have a lot of time to make the decision, and Jane was excellent in understanding all of my needs, and finding the the right selection of products for me to review. She delivered research based on the best prices and variety of features I was after and her attention to detail was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Peter Stein, Owner, Peeko Oysters, E. Marion, NY, November, 2018