Office Tips

home office big room.jpg

Working out of a home-based office is certainly not for everyone, so it's important to consider the many advantages & disadvantages before you make it a part of your work process. 

If you're creating an at-home office to work from every day:

  • Let it fit with the rest of the home.

  • Get a professional phone number.

  • You may not want to reveal your private home address or phone number. This is where a virtual office can come in handy.

  • Good lighting is important.

  • Consider ergonomics.

  • Consider how YOU work best. Do you need complete silence to get anything done?

  • You may not have an entire room you can easily dedicate to an office or a study, but that shouldn't limit your ability to make your work space feel professional when necessary.

  • How much space do you need for storage/filing, etc.

  • What will you be doing in the space?

  • Will clients be visiting the space?

  • What type of equipment is required?

  • Check insurance coverage. Are you covered for business visitors or even delivery people?


If you're just creating a small at-home office nook consider adding a desk in your bedroom. A bedroom can be the perfect place to add a work area if no other options are available. It’s peaceful and away from distractions that you might have in the main living areas of your home.

If you have a guest room/den that's not occupied with guests that could also be a great place to create a stylish environment where you can do 'double duty'.