iPad & iPhone 101
 do everything on your devices

If you're feeling somewhat overwhelmed by your iPad or iphone don't worry—it's a common feeling. There's a lot to learn but there's no need to feel too intimidated. It won't take long before you'll be using your devices like a pro. We can set-up your new ipad/iphone & help you learn some of the basics so you can:

  • Facetime family & friends (talk to them live)

  • Email

  • Create playlists of your favorite music

  • How to read books

  • How to organize your life

  • Watch movies/tv shows

  • Play games

  • Research anything

  • Do your banking

  • Shop for anything—& much more

Here are the main questions you'll want to ask yourself when picking out a new ipad: 

  • Do I want to put a lot of music on it?

  • Do I want to store my entire photo collection on it?

  • Am I going to travel a lot with it?

  • Do I want to insure that I have wifi access in "some but not all" areas if I don't always have access to a wifi network? Then you will want to add the cellular option when you purchase an ipad.

  • Am I going to be playing games on it, & if so, what type of games am I going to play on it?

It's difficult to judge how much storage you'll need until you actually need that storage. Many things will take up space on the tablet which include apps, photos, videos, etc. And while it's always tempting to go with the higher storage model, do you really need the extra storage? And do you really need the cellular option? We can help you figure this all out.

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Good to know about

TILE MATE good product in case you lose keys/phones