general organizing tips

Don't compulsively buy lots of storage containers/bins/boxes/supplies before you sort through your home or the particular room(s) that you want to address. All the fabulous containers that are available won't do you any good unless they fit the actual space that you want to address (on the shelf, under the bed, in the closet) & also hold what you need them to hold and function properly for your particular space. Your best bet is to assess what storage containers you really need & buying a few to start. You can always add more later. You don't need lots of empty storage bins cluttering your home while you figure out where you can use them.

Live within your means. This isn't a new concept, but it's a great place to start if you're aiming for a simpler, less cluttered life. Let the size of your home dictate how much stuff you have & not the other way around.