There are thousands of products for organizing, working more efficiently & making our lives easier. Given my passion for researching products for EVERYTHING, I have curated some of my favorites to share with you. I’ll be updating all the time, so if there’s something you can’t live without please send me an email—I would love your suggestions!



A promotional code, sometimes known as a coupon or discount code, is made up of a combination of numbers and letters. It's used for specific purposes, such as a holiday marketing campaign.

When a store issues promotional or coupon codes, they're providing customers with an incentive to buy, which benefits both the customer and the business. Customers get the products they want for a lower price, and the ecommerce store generates revenue. One of the most useful things about promotional codes is that they work well with both new and returning customers. Getting a coupon, as hard as it is to believe, is physically shown to be more enjoyable than getting a gift.I cannot agree more! Often when you FIRST go to a company/store website there will be a pop-coupon asking you if you want to get on their email list to receive promotions & coupons, and often they give you one immediately just for signing up.

Honey is a web browser add-on that finds coupons from all kinds of places that you can use for the websites you browse. The idea behind it is to get rid of the annoyance that comes from finding individual coupons yourself, collecting them all in one place and applying them best. With discounts for over 100 stores at its fingertips it’s bound to get you savings. It works!

Currently Honey only works with desktop/laptops when you shop at over 30,000 shopping sites from your computer. To start saving now,  install Honey on your computer.