What should I do before the organizer comes?

Nothing. Organizers are non-judgmental professionals and truly have seen it all. It is more authentic for us to see where you naturally tend to stack, and pile if you don't clean before we come. It is also not necessary to purchase assorted tubs and totes in advance. While buying organizing products is fun, it is best done after we sort and purge the things you don't want anymore. We can then decide the appropriate size containers for remaining items.

Who needs an organizer?

Anyone who wants to reduce stress, increase productivity, save time, save money and declutter their space. Organizers can help busy people with overwhelming projects. You can reclaim time wasted on looking for lost items. Clients save money by finding lost gift cards, checks, and on late fees for unpaid or late bills.

Many clients are overwhelmed by large organizing projects, have very busy lives or may be experiencing transitions in their life:

  • Seniors downsizing
  • New Parents
  • Moving and preparing to sell
  • Unpacking in your new home
  • After an illness
  • After the death of a loved one
  • Marriage/merging households

How can I help someone I love who is technically challenged on so many levels?

First find out if THEY truly want some help & have some general interest in learning. If that's the case, they could be a good candidate for our coaching services. If it's only YOU who want them to interact more, it probably won't work!