Useful Computer Information

When deciding between purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop computer, you have to consider a handful of criteria and make a determination that fits your needs the best. 

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  • If you like to sit at a desk & you want a large monitor (screen) you’re better off with a desktop, as they're used in one location. If portability is important to you, then a small laptop is the best option.

  • If you plan on doing a lot of printing & you want a printer right next to your computer, then a desktop is best.

  • Desktop computers are generally less expensive & offer a better overall value.

  • Desktop computers have a more comfortable keyboard and an easier way to navigate the keyboard.

  • Laptop computers are highly portable and allow you to use your computer almost anywhere.

  • Laptop computers have a single cord to contend with rather than the multiple cords associated with a desktop.



The letters 'PC' stand for 'personal computer'. Although the acronym technically refers to any computer, it has come to mean the multi-purpose machines that usually run the Microsoft Windows operating system, as opposed to the Macintosh machines made by Apple. Basically when someone asks you what kind of computer you have—you either have a "PC" or a "MAC".

Although the acronym technically refers to any such computer, it has come to mean the multi-purpose machines that usually run the Microsoft Windows operating system, as opposed to the Macintosh machines made by Apple.



Apple is credited with starting the trend of making computers that are easy for ordinary people to use and promoting the idea that anyone can find a computer useful. The operating system that Apple uses is "prettier" than its Windows counterpart & safer from viruses. They're generally more expensive than PC's and have far less software available, especially games.  Macs are extremely popular with graphic and web designers & have lots of "bells & whistles". Contrary to popular belief, PC's are just as easy to learn on as MAC's.

For most users, they're pretty much the same. Most beginners get whatever their friends & family have in case they have questions. The real crux is knowing what you can afford, are comfortable using & has the features you like.

For personal computer use, there are clearly die-hard "APPLE" people & die-hard "PC" people—& those who use both. It's just a personal preference.


The two most popular types of printers are Inkjet & Laser

Inkjet Printers:

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  • Usually smaller & lighter, making them more ideal for a bedroom or home office where space could be an issue.

  • Great at producing photo quality prints, as inkjet printers do a better job of blending and producing vibrant colors than laser printers.

  • Prices are less than most laser printers.

  • Can print on a variety of paper types, including glossy photo paper, textured art paper, etc.

  • Much slower than laser printers.

  • Low-capacity paper trays of 50 to 100 sheets, which can be frustrating for a user who prints a lot.


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Laser Printers:

  • Most laser printers print much faster than inkjet printers.

  • Laser printers produce sharp text. If you’re a high volume printer that only requires text documents, laser is the way to go.

  • A price-by-price comparison favors laser printers over inkjet printers if you print on a frequent basis and aren’t producing documents that are graphically complex.

  • Although there are some compact laser printers on the market, they are generally bigger & heavier than inkjet printers.

  • Laser printers can’t handle the same variety of paper that inkjets can.

  • The upfront cost of a laser printer is usually more than your average inkjet printer.

Monochrome (black & white) Laser printers excellent for text & documents.
Color Laser Printers— excellent for text, documents & can print medium-quality color images (ie. family photos for personal use).
Photo Inkjet Printers—great for printing high quality photos with wide color range & tonal depth. Best when printing photo gallery prints.
Laser Printers—prints approximately 15 to 100 pages/minute
Inkjet Printers—prints approximately 16 pages/minute