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The Apple Watch Series 4 is a smart watch that performs like an iphone. It's not only a best-selling smartwatch—it's one of the best-selling watches in the world. It's a fantastic timepiece & one of the the smallest, most convenient & speediest watches out there. It may have lesser battery life than a Fitbit but what the Apple Watch does it does better than anyone else.

Some selling points for the Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Health tracking

  • Fall detection

  • Emergency SOS button for 24/7 help

  • EKG on your wrist—alert you to irregular heart rhythms

  • Is waterproof for swimming or in the shower.

  • Cellular connectivity so you can leave your phone at home. Cellular service does come with a monthly cost of approximately $10.00 but is certainly worth it if you want to go out & not carry your cell phone with you.

  • Great for travel. (it's a great world clock)

  • Has a built-in GPS so it can give you directions & track how far you go when working out, walking, etc.

  • Has language translation

  • Has an app for almost anything

  • Has Apple Pay. (eliminating your wallet)

  • You can change bands quickly for a new look without buying a whole new watch

  • It comes in two sizes

  • Can keep you motivated to stay active & healthy throughout the day.

  • Is a discreet way to get notifications without having to be on your phone all the time

  • You have the ability to walk around your office or home without having to bring your cell phone with you

If you're looking JUST for fitness/health/sleep tracking, a Fitbit is a great choice. If price is your most important concern, then Fitbit is your brand. You've got more options & a wider-ranging price scale to fit your needs. If you’re looking for the BEST of the BEST, Apple Watch is it!

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